The CGI Philosophy : Trust

Ordinarily, business entities will use pages like this to present the history of their company or corporation, the executive team and key points; to help their visitors feel a sense of security when deciding to use their services.

We'd like to take a little different approach. We do want to provide information regarding our staff and the vast knowledge we've tapped into to design our comprehensive solutions, but we also want to address some glaring issue we've experienced with our competitors and what our philosophy is toward it.

Some key points about CGI:

  • Based in sunny San Diego, CGI is expanding to Canada and Dubai.

  • Our executive team has 25 years of risk mitigation and global logistics.

  • Our development team has had opportunity to work with Fortune 500 corporations (Microsoft, Shell, Intuit, etc...) on multi-million dollar projects.

  • CGI's security division includes law enforcement personnel experienced in secret service, special weapons and tactics, first response procedures and crowd management.

This was originally started with the word "Trust", because it's the one thing that should never waiver between you and your insurance/security provider. CGI has learned from watching its competitors that there is no better way to encourage and enforce confidence than to inject a policy of complete transparency throughout every aspect of our business model.

From the moment your application is approved, CGI is your advocate and partner. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure that you're receiving the tools you need to protect yourself, your family and your business.

We understand that some people will find our competition to be a better fit for their particular needs, but if trust is ever a question, shouldn't you consider a team that will re-enforce your trust in them every chance they get?

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